Hailing from Poland, x Angel Natalia is a self-made modern, young woman. Women of many sides. From a shy girl from afar to fitness enthusiast, a brave woman and a militant animal activist. Today based in Montreal, Canada.

Although her way to the other end of the ocean is anything but traditional, it seems that her path was one she was destined for. In 2016, Natalia dropped out of high school just couple of months shy of graduation and headed to France to pursue modeling and fulfill her passions. Meanwhile, Natalia started traveling around Europe, she fell in love with travels, different cultures, she also become vegan despite this she did not forget about her homeland and there she often returned and it was there that she loved working with creative photographers. But young Natalia always wanted more from life and in her plans always been Canada, and she knew that as soon as she grew up she would move there. And she did it. Right after 18 birthday Natalia boarded the plane and change her life making a life decision that she does not regret today.

After settling down on a new continent, Natalia is ready to start a new adventure here and continue her passion to modeling and posing In Canada, she admires nature, especially she loves lakes. She also found a lot of passions here like camping, healthy lifestyle, animals, art, cooking, music. Natalia emphasizes that music is of great importance in her life, that throughout her life music was important to her and surrounded her. Today it motivates her to act and allows her to believe in herself and helps not to give up.
During the pandemic, she also quietly works on creating her own brand of clothes and on many projects that she wants to pursue with passion and has the purpose of being a multi-entrepreneur. Despite her young age, Natalia already has goals in her life and knows what she wants to do